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About Us


Meet the Team


Jessica Warnecke, General Manager

Jessica managed shared housing for five years, helping people find recovery and adjust to living indoors.  She spent 15 years in prison (as a staff member) working for the Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  As General Manager, she oversees all operations, manages bed availability and the intake process, works with the justice system and case managers, and seeks to ensure housing stability for residents.

Ryan Parham, Food Service Manager

Ryan came to us following an extended episode of unsheltered homelessness and incarceration due to substance use problems and loss of his family support system.  Having earned over three years sobriety, he now works full time in construction, helps manage our facility at night and serves as our Certified Food Facility Manager.  He regained respect from his family, expunged the conviction, and enjoys life.

Irineo Ruvalcaba, Facilities Manager

“Shorty” spent many years trapped in the cycle of alcoholism, gangs, incarceration and homelessness.  Once he found stability at our home, he began working nonstop to remodel the entire property and continues to fix everything (and everybody) that’s broken.  Nothing gets done without his leadership.  Whether it’s mentoring youth at 12 step meetings or people in crisis needing direction, he is there.  

Melanie Lewis, Program Director

Melanie became a licensed drug and alcohol counselor over 10 years ago and is in long term recovery.  She coordinates outpatient services for residents desiring substance use treatment, oversees 12 Step meetings hosted daily onsite, leads program activities including resume workshops, financial literacy, music, art, yoga and gardening.  She is also our data geek who guides the housing navigation processes.     

Michael Pascoe, Outreach Specialist

Mike entered Community House as a resident and immediately began to reach out to people living on nearby streets and in encampments. He completed training with the LA Homeless Services Authority and engages our unsheltered neighbors, offering free meals, showers, property storage and access to housing.  He leads community cleanup projects and volunteers on the local NC Homeless Committee.

Jacqueline Chavez, Resource Coordinator

Jackie was motivated to join us because she could not sit idle while people experience homelessness.  She was devastated by witnessing the suffering in her community and volunteered to help do anything.  After talking with every resident, she decided they needed access to healthcare.  She connects residents to primary care and arranged for a mobile dental clinic to come here with services for the community.

Nosa Tilmon-Fadaka, Safety Coordinator

Nosa is a resident who found stability and is certified in first aid.  He conducts fire and life safety drills.


Board of Directors

Executive Board

Ashlee Pyanowski, President & CEO

Ash grew up in the very first Community House starting in 2005 with her mother and sisters, following the death of their father.  She completed high school with honors, graduated from UC San Diego and returned to her hometown to combat the homeless crisis.  She has volunteered with the State Senate and presently works for Brilliant Corners, the LA County Department of Mental Health lead contractor. 

Elizabeth Leon Sanchez, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer 

Liz founded and operates homes for women in recovery from psychiatric and substance use disorders since 2007.  Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal. State Northridge, she continues to work towards a Master’s in Social Work.  She volunteers at MEND Poverty in Pacoima, California and works on the front line every day to end homelessness and help women and families escape poverty.

Julio Martinez, Board Secretary

Julio has owned and operated recovery housing and treatment centers for over 20 years in Los Angeles.  In recovery himself, every decision is grounded in what’s best for the person we are seeking to assist.  He shares his wealth of business experience which includes nonprofit organization management, government contract opportunities and compliance, and implementing the latest best practices.

Advisory Board


Dr. Kurt Cabrera-Miller, PhD Chairman of the Board        

Northeast Valley Health Corporation

The Honorable Richard Alarcon Senator (Ret.)                         

California State Legislature 

Fortunato “Tito” Mariscal Sr. Lead Officer (Ret.)                                 

Los Angeles Police Department

Peggy Loveman Attorney at Law                 

 Los Angeles County Public Defender

Diana Oceguera Associate Clinical Social Worker                   

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Jennifer Castro, Housing Specialist             

Hope of the Valley Help Center

Denise Lichter Gonzales          

 Hillview Mental Health Center 


Our Philosophy

Community Bridge Housing was founded on the belief that every individual deserves the right to a home and our team of dedicated members will not stop striving to ensure each person receives the housing and care they require.

Our Partners